Monday, May 7, 2012

"The Avengers" Windows 7 Theme

I took my kids kids to see "The Avengers" this weekend and it is no surprise that we all loved it.  It is going to be hard for other movies this summer to top "The Avengers" in my opinion.  After we got back one of my kids asked if I could add images of the characters as wallpaper to the family computer.  I did a quick check on Marvel website and also the Windows Theme website and I didn't see any official theme for the new movie.  So, I decided to just make my own theme pack to install on their computer.  It's wasn't too hard, since Marvel has some free wallpaper images available to download from the movie website.  Anyway, I figured I would share this theme I created with others that want some of the movie awesomeness on their Windows 7 PC.  Hit up the download link below and enjoy.

Here are the images that are currently included in this theme.

I also pulled down a pretty cool video screen saver.  For some reason that needs to be installed separately from the Windows theme.  You can find that in the downloads sections of the "The Avengers" site.