Friday, October 21, 2011

Manage All Your Cloud Storage Accounts with Otixo

If you are like me, you have multiple cloud storage accounts with a large number of files scattered arross those different services on the web.  Wouldn't it be nice if you could access all of those cloud-based "drives" just like a hard drive attached to your computer?  Upload, transfer, share files between different cloud applications with one interface?  Well, I just discovered an amazing app that can do just that and more! It is called and it is awesome!

Otixo is a web application that lets you access all your online files with one simple interface. Think of it like Windows Explorer for all of your cloud drives and services.  You can connect cloud services like Google Docs, Dropbox,, MobileMe, FTP, etc., into one "Finder-like" or explorer interface. 

The Otixo web application currently supports the following Cloud Services:
Once you have your services linked and connected to your Otixo account you can navigate each service just like a drive on your computer.  The interface should be familiar to any computer user.  A folder tree structure is displayed to the left as files or context of the folders is shown on the right.

As you find files you want to work with in the Otixo interface you can copy, or transfer files to other cloud "drives" or services with intuitive drag-n-drop actions.  No learning curve, it just works as you would expect.  Selecting files also enables a number of actions via the icon toolbar at the top of the interface. 

From the tool bar in Otixo you can:
  • Share - Share File gives you a unique otixo url that can be used to send to someone in an email or posted online. You can expire the link or password protect it.
  • Preview - Preview does just that, give you a way to quickly preview the file in the Otixo application.
  • Launch In... - This allows you to launch the file in the service that it is stored in.  If you try to launch a file that it stored in, it will launch the file and open in
  • Copy, Cut, Paste, Rename, Delete all work as described on the file(s) you select. 
  • Download and Upload - Give you the ability to do just that but from Otixo directly to each cloud server.  
I am still putting Otixo through the paces, but I can tell you that for a product that just launched it is working way better that I would ever imagine.  For those of us that are using more than one service to store files in the cloud this application is a must have.